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The Pillar of Light

balance the energy of your house and protect it against negative energies

Pillar of Light

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Crystalline Energy

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Crystalline Attunements

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Source codes

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About Andelum

Andelum is a Spiritual centre based in Holland. The soul purpose of Andelum is to bring people back in balance by means of Energetic Therapy, Channeling and Hypnotic Therapy. Andelum Centre is lead by Marjolein and Hans, both working as a healer for over 16 years.

Our Services

Andelum is a Dutch based Spiritual Centre where, with means of Energetic Therapy, Channeling and Hypnotic Therapy, we bring you back in balance .... as a balanced body is a healthy body... At the intake we decides what means can be used best to heal what must be healed and balanced what must be balanced.

Energetic healing

We use Crystalline Energy during the healing sessions, this Crystalline Energy is a combination of 22 energies combined, it is one of the strongest healing energies know and it has got a very high succes rate. Crystalline Energy isn't something that must be explained but it is something you need to experience.


My wife Marjolein is a strong medium with the ability to communicate with all living and deceased beings who want and have the ability to communicate with us. Marjolein can tune in and ask the spirit world for more: clear insights in your life questions, for guidance in the steps you must take on your career or spiritual patch . She can communicate with babies who are unable to speak and give the baby a voice so it can tell you how he/she feels and what's bothering them..

Hypnotic Therapy

Anxieties and phobics which can make your daily life unbearable often originates in something that happend and our conto us between the age of 0 year to 8 years. Something happend and our consciousness created a way of thinking and acting that can be use as a shield to protect you but when this shield start working against you your brain needs to get a little reset or a different way of thinking and a hypnotic session will help you to achieve that. It can take a way fears, disturbing behavior and tics and gives you back an easier life.

Source Codes

My wife Marjolein receives messages from the spirit world in the shape of drawings/codes. These codes can be used for protection, to empower water for balancing the body from inside out and for a lot more usages my wife and I have know idea of at this point. The codes enter Marjoleins mind from the highest level of awareness and leaves behind an imprint of a drawing she needs to draw, once it is put on paper by my wife the beings activate the drawing and at that point it gets its purpose. This is how she received the code which activates the Pillar of Light.

Services is part of the Andelum.Center, The Head Quaters is based in Hoofddorp The Netherlands. We provide Spiritual help by means of Channeling, Energetic Therapy and we can help people with anxiety attacks by means of Hypnose sessions. The site is in Dutch

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This is my wife's personal website where she explains the kind of Spiritual services she provides. She is capable to communicate with all what is living and all what is dead. She can provide insight in where you stand in life, she can put some light in challenges you endure and help you to get your goals clear. The site is in Dutch

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Body Zen Hong Kong

Address: Rm 804, Kai Tak Commercial Building, 66-72 Stanley Street, Central (5,782.07 mi) Hong Kong +852 2770 6728

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