General information

The meaning of life is to evolve, to get to know yourself, to know your strength but also your weaknesses.

The meaning of live is to evolve into a better person, not better than the people around you but better than you were yesterday, better than you were the day before that.

Raising your awareness gives you the power to create a happier and more fulfilling life, it opens a path to new possibilities.


There are multiple blockages in your mind that can act as a barrier to achieve a higher level of consciousness; like being judgmental towards yourself and to others , your inability to forgive, to find it difficult to accept the reality or past emotional blocks that are suppressed in your subconscious.

All of this exists as a barrier in your head that you have to break through to set yourself free from all obstructions .

Raising your frequency to the level of the Crystalline Energy will break down the walls, it will cleanse your soul and your mind, your whole body will function at a higher frequency.


But being attuned to the Crystalline Energy gives you more then a raised awareness and the ability to create new life possibilities……. read Why do the Attunement