Crystalline Energy

Crystalline Energy is an healing energy of 22 energy sources combined, it is an energy level my wife and I achieved after 16 years of training and helping people finding there own balance.

As energy is not bound by time, speed and distance it can come from everywhere in this universe and even from beyond this galaxy.

We, as Energetic Healers, trained ourselves to channel this high frequency energy and combined it to one strong healing energy. The frequency of the energy has become so high, pure and subtle we decided to call it Crystalline Energy.

As the energy, we work with, is an intelligent energy it decides upon entering of the body what must get the highest level of priority of healing. With other words, you, as a patient, enters the centre with a sore knee and want’s this to be healed, it could be well that you will leaving the centre still with a painful knee but during the healing your liver, kidney or other parts of your body could have been healed which where in a worse state that you might have know. I’m not saying that your knee did not get the attention it needed to have but the energy  find the places in your body with the highest priority level first and then works it self down.

And don’t forget, that something, what has been out of balance for a long time will not be healed overnight but sometimes the healing treatment has been such a succes that people think they are healed and done with it but to really balance out and heal the body 2 or 3 treatments is common.

Hope For The Sound Awakening
Art made by Cameron Gray

How does this balancing works?

Everything in the universe is made out of energy and everything that is made out of energy vibrates on it’s own frequency. Sometimes something happens to a person like an accident, a violation of the body or an emotional chock which may be the cause of an energetic trauma which stays behind in the energetic field of the person, this energetic field is also know as the Aura.

The Aura is connected with all parts of your body and when a certain place in the aura vibrates out of sync/balance it could results in a physical pain or discomfort. The frequency of a negative energy vibrates on a lower frequency than a positive energy.

A person in love has got one of the highest body energy frequencies you can have and they often feel they can move mountains, as the frequency of the energy of a depressed person vibrated on such a low level that sometimes the frequency goes below the level of self-healing, in other words the body is not capable of healing itself and this is when a Energetic Therapist can make a difference.

Why must the frequency of the healing energy be so high?

Earth’s energy is vibrating on it’s own frequency, it is called the Schumann resonance. When two objects are put together and the frequency of the energy, of these two objects, resonates on different levels the level of the high frequency will go down and the level of the low frequency will go up so that in the end the two objects will resonate more or less on the same frequency.

That’s why it will take a longer time to heal people with only energy from earth, like the Reiki energy, as you can’t really heal people if the frequency of the energy is so close to each other.

To really kickstart a healing the difference of the frequency of the healer and the client must be as big as possible, the higher the frequency of the energy of the healer the easier it will be to raise the frequency of the energy of the client and bring them into balance again.

Can people heal themselves?

After a person has been attuned to a healing energy, like all energetic therapists have been, they have the ability to heal themselves to a certain level. To find out more please go to the page Crystalline attunements.

crystalline spiral
Art may by Cameron Gray


We are not a physicians and therefore do not diagnose diseases or prescribe drugs.

At all times your healing is your responsibility. We are available to be your partner in this healing process, your committed listener, and your mirror. we do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving.

Our work is intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you undertake, including traditional medicine.

Please feel free to discuss our work with your doctor.