What will happen during the attunement

You first need to understand that everything is made out of energy, you are made out of energy, a thoughts are made out of energy and things that happen during your life are also made out of energy.

Every person has got an energetic field around him which is called an aura, see picture 1. Some people can feel and or see the aura but it is energy field that is all around you and the energy in this aura field vibrates on a certain frequency and as the aura field is connected to your body it vibrates on the same level/frequency as your body.

Sometimes something negative happens in a person’s life which leaves behind a trauma*. As I already wrote that everything is made out of energy, the energy of this trauma can settle itself inside your energetic field (aura) and can be there without you knowing it, see picture 2

The energy of something negative always vibrates on a very low level and if the energy of a trauma settles itself in your aura field it can bring the high level frequency of your body energy down.

If this negative low vibrating energy in in your aura field long enough and can influence your life in a lot of ways….. it can affect the way you feel, if you are happy or sad, if you feel powerful or weak the low vibrating energy in your aura field can also make you sick as the aura field is connected to your whole body.



Being connected to the Crystalline Energy makes your whole body vibrating on such a high level that it is almost impossible for negative energy to enter your body, your high vibrating energy is simply pushing away the negative energies…. like picture 3

All low vibrating energy fields which you have in your energetic field (Aura) will start vibrating on a higher level, the high vibration of the Crystalline Energy will cleans your body of all negative and low vibrating blockages/energies and it may cause that you could experience some unpleasantness when these energies are leaving your body.

The body needs to get used to the high vibration and it depends on the level of negative energy in a persons body what the reaction will be that might occur.

Some people experience moments of headache or other body discomforts like diarrhea but this will last only a short time till the whole body is balanced out.

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 Trauma* Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world.

  • Traumatic experiences often involve a threat to life but any situation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed can be traumatic, even if it doesn’t involve physical harm.
  • It’s not the objective facts that determine whether an event is traumatic, but your subjective emotional experience.
  • The more frightened and helpless you feel, the more likely you are to be traumatized.